Our new hero, unconscious and out in the wilderness, is awoken by cries for help. They are in the midst of a forest they can’t remember.

Aside from their own name, their memory fails. Another shriek. Our hero rushes to action, and saves a girl from an attacking monster, but left exhausted, must be helped to the safety of the nearby town. That town is Rigbarth.

Our hero is nursed by the townsfolk and invited to join their peacekeeping force known as SEED. With no memories of their own past, our hero chooses to accept the offer and begins a new life as an apprentice in the tranquil setting of Rigbarth. In working to keep peace in the town, they soon get caught up in something far bigger, as world-changing events unfold that threaten the delicate peace.

The time has come to prove yourself; to adventure forth and protect the peace.


The peacekeeping organisation we call SEED was created by Warden Gideon, who sought to combat the many injustices he witnessed following the collapse of the old empire. He united countless self-defence forces into a single group that shared his vision.

As a Ranger, you’ll help realise that vision of a better future for all by serving your community and protecting it from harm.


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